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Iquitos - Santa Rosa - Border of Tabatinga Brasil, Leticia Colombia & Vice Versa

Iquitos, Peru
Pevas 223 - Telephone: (065) 225-118
Cell: 965 615085 - RPM # 928466
Tabatinga, Brasil
306 Marechal Mallet Av.
Telephone: (0055) 97-34123186

Golfinho II

Ticket Fare: S/. 150
Includes: breakfast and lunch
Puerto de Embarque: 3ra. Puerta "ENAPU"
            Av. La Marina c/28 de Julio
Boarding Time: 03:30 - 04:30 a.m.
Departure Time: 05:00 a.m.
Departures: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
Return: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Control Posts: Chimbote and Santa Rosa
Caballococha Agent: Tel. 29-1010
 Punctual, Safe and Fast
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This year marks the fifth anniversary of the start of a new class of service between Iquitos, Peru and Tabatinga, Brazil.  With the introduction of this service, passengers no longer have to endure long, hard trips and numerous breakdowns.  Now passengers can experience a cruise on the Amazon River in luxury by jet.  Yes, by jet!  Transporte Golfinho, which is located at 223 Pevas in Iquitos, Peru and at 306 Marechal Mallet in Tabatinga, Brazil, has just started a new class of Amazon River cruise service with the boat Golfinho II, a super fast (rapido) boat that boasts a Volvo jet-turbine engine, the exact same type of engine that jet planes use. 

Prior to introducing the Golfinho II, an journey on the Amazon River between Iquitos and Tabatinga would take days.  Normal river boats on Amazon River generally take 3 days while the Golfinho II can complete the journey in a matter of hours, not days.  In the past, there have been other fast boats, but Golfinho II leaves them behind in the "dust," often arriving many hours before the others.  In addition, the Golfinho II, and its Volvo jet turbine engine, has never broken down as do boats with normal engines and propellers.  On the Amazon River, non-turbine engines often break down because of the floating river debris that often jams the engine propeller.  However, with the Volvo jet turbine engine there is nothing to jam (the engine uses a jet stream of water to propel the boat instead of a propeller), and thereby avoids the primary hazard to boats on the Amazon River.  The problem with other fast boats is that they frequently break down, leaving passengers marooned until they send another boat to help rescue the broken boat, often resulting in a trip that lasts days.  Can you imagine being stuck in a stifling hot, broken-down boat, floating in the Amazon River with no bathroom?  Golfinho II avoids these breakdowns, and permits the passenger to relax and enjoy an extraordinary river cruise on the Amazon River.

Image of Golfinho IIPlease note that the Golfinho II leaves early in the morning (5:00 am from Iquitos and 4:30 am from Santa Rosa Island, Peru near Tabatinga, Brazil) and features a full meal and beverage service with breakfast, lunch, and a snack in the afternoon.  The trip is largely non-stop, and make required stops for the Peruvian National Police and inspections customs.  This wonderful Amazon River cruise passes through the last remaining virgin tropical jungle left in the Amazon.  Travelers can witness spectacular views of the jungle canopy.  Virgin jungle is easy to spot with its distinguishing three-story canopy of tree crowns.  Golfinho is a Portuguese word and translates to dolphin in English, therefore the dolphin logo featured on the boat.  Moreover,  travelers can often witness real golfinhos, pink river dolphins, principally near Caballococha, Peru where the boat temporarily detours by traveling up a branch of the main Amazon River.  Additionally, numerous species of herons (garzas, in Spanish) and other magnificent animals are regularly seen during the trip. 

The owners of Transporte Golfinho also own the wonderful Hotel Brasil, which features both inexpensive rooms with fans and more luxurious rooms with air-conditioning, mini-frig, telephone, and satellite television.  The Hotel Brasil is situated just a few blocks from the main port in Tabatinga at 306 Marechal Mallet, phone (+55) 97-3412-3186.  In Leticia, Colombia you can phone (+57) 313-202-6679.  In Tabatinga, you can also make reservations and purchase tickets for the Golfinho II in order to travel to Iquitos.  Similarly in Iquitos, you can buy passages for the Golfinho II and make reservations for the Hotel Brasil at 223 Pevas (just 2 blocks to the north of the Plaza de Armas), phone (+51) 65-225-118.  In Peru, simply dial (065) 225-118. 

This website is dedicated to the loving memory of Máximo Cabrera (1960-2008). Maximo had a unique vision for Transporte Golfinho and despite many challenges, made his dream a reality.  To learn how you can help preserve the Amazon Rainforest that Max cherished, please visit Friends of the Amazon

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