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The bathroom glass partition, as its name implies, is to separate the bathroom from the bathroom. Because the bathroom in the bathroom is generally wet, and the toilet is relatively speaking, in addition to washing time, other times are relatively dry point. This is more suitable for both small, large or duplex units. It can not only divide the bathroom space into dry and wet parts, rationally utilize the space, optimize the layout, but also create a fashionable and concise atmosphere, so that the whole space has a more three-dimensional sense. So what should we pay attention to when we decorate the bathroom glass partition? Let's introduce Jinan shower partition to us.
1. Paving floor tiles and wall tiles, then making sanitary partition wall
When decorating toilets, floor tiles and wall tiles should be paved first, and then the sanitary partition wall should be customized according to the actual size. Attention should be paid to the installation of sewer pipes and floor drains before laying floor tiles. At the same time, the possible errors above and below the walls should be taken into account, and the glass doors made to order according to the actual size can be easily installed and used.
2. Water Retaining Considering Door Frame Threshold
考虑好卫生间的玻璃隔断是否有门框可以挡水,如果没有还需专门安装门槛石,一般门槛石应高出地面1.5cm—2cm,否则淋浴水从门下流出,就不能达到干湿分区的目的,易造成不便。  注意,千万不要用下滑道,因为滑道里面积水和灰尘很难清理,时间长了会发臭。
Consider the bathroom glass partition whether there is a door frame to block water, if there is no need to install a special threshold stone, the general threshold stone should be 1.5 cm - 2 cm above the ground, otherwise the shower water from the door outflow, can not achieve the purpose of wet and dry zoning, easy to cause inconvenience. Be careful not to use the slideway, because the water and dust in the slideway are difficult to clean, and it will stink after a long time.
3. Handlebars should be installed beside the bathtub
The bathtub in the bathroom is the place where the whole family members need to take a bath, and there are some dangerous factors such as water and shower gel which can easily cause slippage in the bathroom, so for the sake of safety, it is necessary to install handlebars beside the bathtub, especially for the elderly and children at home, to pay more attention to this detail.
4. Electrical plugs should be away from bathtubs
The bathtub is a container for storing water. There should be no electrical plugs around it. Because in general, many people will blow dry in the bathroom after washing their hair in the bathroom. If someone falls into the water in the bathtub at this time, there will be a fatal danger. So the electrical plugs are installed far from the bathtub. Point, just in case.
5. Moisture-proof measures for switching power supply
The bathroom should be the water base in the home, so in order to ensure safety, the bathroom has to plan to use pull-wire switch when decorating, and its power outlet and other electrifying equipment, also add moisture-proof cover.
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